Domestic Companion Parents should be aware that there are many dangers which may lurk in your home that can seriously injure or kill your friends.

No caffeine! That means no cola, coffee, tea or chocolate. Once ingested, there is no cure!

PetMD lists Human Foods that are dangerous for cats.

Three cat no-nos (yes, that’s right, don’t use your toothpaste to brush kitty’s teeth):

Here are some common things we think of as good for us, but are dangerous and toxic to your domestic companion:

Aloe; hyacinth; rhubarb (leaves — actually, not good for anyone); garlic (deadly to your cat); apples; oranges; figs; grapefruit; lemons; limes; peaches; plums; cherries.


Pot smokers beware. You could be killing your kitty.

If you are unsure, do the research.